covered_girl_socialFebruary 15th, 2014 is National Youth Enrollment Day.

We at the Model Alliance are proud to unite with other organizations across the nation, including Young Invincibles and United Way Worldwide, to do our part to make sure young adults get covered and stay healthy. We are pleased to provide the following materials on health insurance generally, and on our health care partnership with RAP.

"I'm covered because I had a health scare that landed me in intensive care and would have bankrupted me and my family. I'm so glad I took responsibility and had health insurance."    Sara Ziff, Model & Executive Director of the Model Alliance

madeline"I'm covered because as a working model and college student, I'm always on the go. I have a weak immune system and without health insurance I would not have access to the medical care I need."
Madeline Hill, Model & Student at The University of Georgia



"As a model we are independent contractors therefore we are on our own in terms of health care. The Model Alliance made it very easy for me to find the best coverage for my needs, a first in my career as a model."
Kat Brown, Model Alliance Member



"I am covered because I believe there is nothing more precious than my health. I feel it is my responsibility to have coverage in the event that I get sick or into an accident."
Elettra Wiedemann, Model, Philanthroplist, and Model Alliance Member



"The Model Alliance inspired me to sign up for health insurance. Health comes first and it's important to get covered."  
Sesilee Lopez, Model



"As a models, we are constantly traveling and working in close quarters with other people. Makeup artists, hairdressers, photographers, other models, on planes and in trains. It's easy to pick up a cough or a cold. There are no "sick days" when you're self employed. When I am under the weather, there is a structure in place to ensure I'm back on top form as quickly as possible. And, it's vital to see a doctor when it might be something more serious. My health coverage gives me peace of mind."
Louise Donegan, Model Alliance Member

• One-page guide to health insurance

• FAQs from young consumers

Read everything you need to know about our MA & RAP Healthcare Partnership here.

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