Through Model Alliance Support, we assist working and aspiring models with complaints about inappropriate on-the-job conduct, agent issues, and other work-related problems.

Sexual harassment, abuse, and assault are no part of the “creative process.” They’re against the law. No model has to tolerate any sort of unwanted or inappropriate conduct. No model has to feel pressured to undress.

Opaque accounting, unresponsive representation, one-sided agreements and payment delays are questionable practices at best, and often unacceptable.

We can help. Contact us at for assistance. 

The information that you provide us will remain completely confidential, unless you are a minor and we have a legal duty to report on your behalf or you inform us explicitly that you want to report an incident to law enforcement. We will invite you to fill out a short intake form, which we will use to better understand your issue and keep records of problems so that we can track whether they are affecting others. The Model Alliance does not provide legal services or legal advice, but we can provide referrals to attorneys if requested. 

** If you are dealing with an emergency, please call 911 **

For access to Model Alliance Support, be sure to sign up here. 

Find information and resources on sexual harassment, assault, and trafficking here

Find information on modeling scams here.

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