The Model Alliance recognizes that the modeling industry can be tricky for new faces to navigate. To ensure that models always have somewhere to turn for advice and support, we developed the Model Alliance Mentorship Program.

Our Mentorship Program pairs established models with their agency’s new and developing faces. Models like talking to other models about the industry because they understand each other’s experiences better than anyone else. Model Alliance mentors have the framework and experience to be a helpful and reliable resource.

The Model Alliance believes that agencies and models alike will benefit from this program. By offering less established models the counsel they deserve, agencies will be  more attractive to models and parents who want a supportive outlet for their child. Our program promotes communication, develops leadership skills in our members, builds confidence in younger models, and creates a sense of community among the models at each agency.


  • Designate one liaison who will facilitate the relationship between the Alliance and the agency.
    -Said liaison will help coordinate communication between mentors and the agency’s models.
  • Encourage and promote the program and its benefits to the agency’s models and their parents.


  • Pledge to reach out to, and be responsive to, all mentees via e-mail, phone and in-person.
  • Pledge to act as a consistent, discreet and reliable source of counsel for models.
  • Be open and willing to speak with models’ parents.
  • Maintain Model Alliance membership and encourage mentees to join.
  • Be available for meetings with the Model Alliance to discuss the progress of the Program.
We are excited to hear your feedback and hope to organize the first meeting before fashion week.