The national reckoning on race makes it more urgent than ever to examine and combat systemic racism in the fashion industry. Real change starts with listening to those who have experienced racist practices firsthand, and who have a stake in making sure their rights are respected. 

"Usually I come here and I spread joy and happiness, but today is not the same. The world is in turmoil and my people are being made victims of violence. I ask that you please spread awareness and join us in this fight. We are all hurting. We are all human."

Dominique Silver
MA Leadership Council Member

"Diversity is not a trend. Anti-racism is not a trend. Allyship is not a trend. There must be accountability in the fashion industry beyond social media posts for a week. A content schedule is not enough to make the world a better place."

Ashley Chew

"Black Lives Matter is a movement for the people. It is not here to be co-opted for capital gain by companies who have no intention of actually having difficult conversations regarding white supremacy, police brutality, colonialism, and systemic racism. It cannot be reduced to a series of corporate trends by brands [...] who have no intention of actually doing the work to be better themselves or taking ownership of their past mistakes or conscious acts of racial bias [...]. Brands need to be aware of their own track record. It's unacceptable to claim to stand with us if the receipts show a history of silencing black voices."

Munroe Bergdorf

"My modeling success has been due to looking 'ethnically ambiguous' aka I don't look white but I don't look black and that's enough to tick off the diversity quota without going too far."

Erin Doulight

"Nothing new is happening in the seems to look like evil is winning all the time. Faces and skin tones like these have been let down time and time again...killed time and time again...But then people come together and show the world that good will always overcome evil [...] So Please don't think your prayers are too small and your actions mean nothing. And to the media industries it's really up to us to make sure the world see blackness as beautiful and not a threat...Let's create the change we want to see. "

Lily Lightbourn

"Support Black artists. Support Black musicians. Support small Black businesses. Because this is a movement that is not a trend, this is a movement that is to last for the long run."

Mari Malek

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