January 11, 2018

AB 1576 authored by Assemblymember Marc Levine (D-Marin County) passed the Assembly Labor and Employment Committee on Thursday, January 11 in a 6-0 unanimous bipartisan vote. The bill will require sexual assault and harassment trainings and develop health and safety standards for talent working in the entertainment industry.

The entertainment industry is plagued with cases of sexual abuse and misconduct with no system in place to require prevention training. AB 1576 will help proactively address these issues by empowering individuals with the resources necessary to both prevent and properly report misconduct.

Additionally, many professionals in the entertainment industry are expected to maintain an unnatural level of thinness that not only has creates unrealistic beauty standards, but is also life-threatening. Research has shown that this demand has repercussions on young women who are exposed to media depicting these unnaturally thin models.

The legislation will be heard next by the Assembly Appropriations Committee.

Below is a summary of Assembly Bill 1576 

This bill would require a person engaging in the occupation of a modeling agency, as defined, to be licensed by the Labor Commissioner under the licensing provisions that apply to talent agencies.
The bill would require all employees of a licensee who work with artists, within 30 days of being hired, and all artists represented by a licensee, within 30 days of engaging a talent service, to receive sexual harassment prevention and health standards training in a manner approved by the Labor Commissioner, and once per calendar year thereafter. The bill would define terms, including “artist,” “licensee,” “model,” and “modeling agency” for purposes of these provisions and would make related findings.
The bill would require the Occupational Safety and Health Standards Board to, no later than June 30, 2019, and in consultation with accredited specialists in the prevention and treatment of eating disorders, adopt an occupational safety and health standard for models, as specified.

Reference:  AB-1576 Modeling agencies: licensure: models: employees. (2018). California: Adam Levine.

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