We-regret-to-inform-you-400Dear Friends,

We regret to inform you that on Friday, May 27th, the CA Assembly Appropriations Committee held Assembly Bill 2539 in suspense, meaning the bill is dead for the year.

Despite strong support for the bill among numerous models and their families, several organizations and many other individuals – and despite the Labor & Employment Committee’s vote in favor of the bill – the Association of Talent Agencies and certain modeling agencies lobbied hard against it, preventing the bill from advancing.

Unfortunately, decisions about bills in suspense end up hiding some of the legislative sausage making from public view. Bills that did not clear the May 27th hurdle were killed without a recorded vote, and with no explanation for why those bills were killed.

We thank Assemblymember Marc Levine and his staff, the models and their family members, and everyone else who worked tirelessly on this bill. Although CA lawmakers have denied models the right to health and safety protections this year, we will forge ahead to win these rights and protections that both models and the public need and deserve.


The Model Alliance Team

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