It’s official – the New York State Senate and Assembly unanimously voted to pass legislation on Wednesday, June 12, 2013, that would finally afford child models the protections they deserve as workers in the State of New York.  The bill, proposed by Senate Co-Leader Jeff Klein, State Senate Labor Committee Chairwoman Diane Savino and Assemblyman Steven Otis, is the culmination, in part, of the Model Alliance’s efforts to improve the working conditions within the modeling industry.

When signed into law, the legislation will recognize models under the age of eighteen as child performers – a definition in which print and runway models are notably absent.  Child models will legally be afforded the same protections as child actors, dancers and musicians working in New York.  These regulations not only include provisions for mandatory financial trusts and the presence of chaperones and tutors on set, amongst others, but they are overseen by the Department of Labor, which possesses far greater resources to enforce regulations than the Department of Education (the agency which currently oversees regulations pertaining to the employment and education of child models in New York).

New York City is hailed as the fashion capital of the world, and with many models beginning their careers in their early teens, this legislation is vital to ensuring these young workers are protected under the law.  We are thrilled by the support this legislation has received and we look forward to the day it is signed into law.

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