1. It's New York fashion week! Describe your typical day.

I am not a runway model, so for me Fashion Week lands in the thick of market. My typical day is in the showroom modeling Spring 2014.


2. Who do you see as a role model in our industry, and why?

The Model Alliance founder Sara Ziff. She proves that modeling is a respectable career and she is working towards setting up standards and guidelines to make sure all working models are treated with the respect that all employees/workers should receive. I also admire anyone who doesn’t support fur.


3. Your best and worst fashion week moments?

Although I don’t do runway I do get booked for fashion presentations during Fashion Week and I always enjoy them, so any of those would be a good moment. The worst is trying to navigate around the fashion district, which is where I spend most of my days running from job to job and casting to casting, weaving through thick crowds of people and paparazzi. It drives me crazy!


4. This summer the MA introduced legislation that would include fashion models under 18 in child performer regulations in New York. The bill passed unanimously and is awaiting the Governor’s signature. Do you support the legislation, and why?

100%. I think it’s insane that child models, as it stands, have nothing protecting them and encouraging education! I also think it will make modeling a slightly older industry in that work will really start after 18, because I should imagine tons of people wouldn’t want to have to work around all the guidelines and I love the idea of that!


5. Advice to fashion week rookies, and the best piece of advice you’ve ever gotten?

Well, I think it’s important to check out the big shows, but to also check out the up-and-coming designers, too! I think the best advice I got was not to bother trying to get into runway, because I’m too short and I have curves (haha!)

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