"The Model Alliance welcomes Vogue's pledge to not knowingly work with models under the age of 16, or who appear to have an eating disorder. Most editions of Vogue regularly hire models who are minors, so for Vogue to commit to no longer using models under the age of 16 marks an evolution in the industry. The use of underaged models is linked to financial exploitation, eating disorders, abandoned schooling, and contributes to models' overall lack of empowerment in the workplace. We hope other fashion brands and magazines will follow Vogue's impressive lead." — Sara Ziff


"I truly commend Vogue for taking a serious interest in the protection of young people. I grew up in this business and while my mother always traveled with me for work, I met many young models over the years who weren't as protected as I was. There were never any rules implemented for young workers who could easily work for up to 16 hours a day while unsupervised. This action by Vogue helps place a new set of values on an industry that truly needs reform." — Milla Jovovich


"The announcement  from Vogue this week is an important step in the right direction. For us to move forward and initiate change within the modeling industry we need all the leaders to be on board. Condé Nast is a force within this industry and if there truly is good intention and follow through we might see the beginnings of a powerful transformation that is long overdue." — Carré Otis



"It's thrilling to me that 19 editions of Vogue have agreed to setting concrete standards for the models they use. Like any industry, models need and deserve these standards of employment and treatment. Not every model appears in Vogue, but every model and every publication looks up to them as the standard bearer. I can only imagine this will prove to be a solid step in a direction that will benefit models for generations to come."   — Coco Rocha


"I am very pleased to hear of Vogue's Health Initiative announcement this week. It is a step in the right direction and I wish this was around when I had started modeling. I hope this will spark more discussion on this very important issue." — Amy Lemons




“This is a move in the right direction, although the age could be 17. Teenagers should be featured in Teen Vogue.” — Trish Goff





Check out Vogue's announcement.  What are your thoughts?

5 Responses to Reactions To Vogue’s Announcement That It Will No Longer Hire Models Under 16

  1. Joli says:

    This statement from Vogue is great – even lipservice is great, as it acknowledges what you stand for; but I think we are all regaining our wits that have been severely damaged;when we thought we should surpass the radiating beauty of health by whatever pain and disorders that came our way. Anorectia, grunge, poison…being soldlike beauty, but in fact mere sensation.
    Sensation is sensory overload, and somehow it makes us all feel ill and sick. We have been heading for the crisis, and are now in the midst of it; finally we are starting to wake up.
    America is going through very tough times now and needs all the health it can get. This will lead America to new horizons . Vogue just has it fingers on the pulse of time.

  2. jennifer sky says:

    An important step forward. I’m actually working on an op-ed about this.

  3. This is a great initiative, but I will be honest and say that I will believe it when I see it. Hopefully this will not be a passing fad that will be forgotten quickly. I have written more extensively about it in my blog


  4. This has been needed for a long, long time. I hope it will help prevent so much suffering by females over size, shape, and weight. I also hope it isn’t just lip service…

  5. Phoebe Tran says:

    good on Vouge for doing that
    I think that girls are just way too young to do this

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