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One Response to Alan Gordon pic

  1. In looking through your Team, I see that your organization has done a superb job in finding the right management. From a well qualified lawyer, to a law and political science professor, to others with significant experience- but what the modeling industry really needs is someone close enough to a close person to President Obama who will introduce ideas and possibly a platform for change. And only after he is elected. No other president will go after them. The only way to change that industry is by creating law that highly regulates it.
    What these people are doing is no different than what countless industries in America have been doing: spiraling into violating American principles and abusing the law as if there was no law for them. I frankly see little effect on the industry if we only rule that the models must weigh more and if we don’t hire 14 year old girls.
    It is appalling how powerful these pervert photographers have become, as well. Not all, of course, but many either abuse models mentally or sexually. I just hope your team does not turn the analysis into paralysis.

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