What is the Model Alliance?

The Model Alliance (MA) is a not-for-profit labor group for models working in the American fashion industry. Models have an industry voice through the MA.

What is our mission?

The Model Alliance believes that models deserve fair treatment in their workplace, and we aim to establish ethical standards that bring real and lasting change to the fashion industry as a whole. We seek to improve the American modeling industry by empowering the models themselves, and we do so by taking the following steps:

- Identify the unique needs of working models in the U.S. and address those needs through expert and confidential support;

- Educate models about their rights and provide a forum that allows models to share their experiences, voice their concerns and build a community;

- Organize models to establish basic rights and protections in their workplace that will enhance the health and vitality of the American fashion industry as a whole.

What are our goals?

We have five primary goals to improve professional standards for working models:

1. Provide a discreet grievance and advice service.

2. Improve labor standards for child models in New York.

3. Promote greater financial transparency and accountability.

4. Provide access to affordable health care.

5. Draft a code of conduct that sets industry-wide standards for castings, shoots and shows.


Our Initiatives & Services

Backstage Privacy

In recent years, models have raised concerns about unauthorized photographs of them changing clothes backstage at New York Fashion Week appearing online. The Model Alliance recognizes that models deserve privacy from invasive photography while on the job. In order to encourage a more professional and respectful work environment for models, we introduced our Backstage Privacy Policy, which recommends that as soon as “first looks” are called, show producers ensure that photographers and any persons unnecessary to the show’s production should leave the backstage changing area until the show has ended and all models have finished changing into their own clothes.

Contact support@modelalliance.org for help or assistance.

Model Alliance Support

Sexual harassment, problems with agents, and questionable practices are problems in every talent-driven business. Sadly, modeling is no exception. Model Alliance Support is a service for our members. We offer this fully free and discreet assistance service in conjunction with executives from Actors’ Equity Association and the American Guild of Musical Artists. They advise the Model Alliance and enable Alliance members to report and seek assistance with complaints about inappropriate on-the-job conduct, agent issues or work related problems.

Contact support@modelalliance.org for help or assistance.

Models’ Bill of Rights

To support our Model Alliance organizing campaign, models at our first bi- annual meeting produced a draft Bill of Rights to empower models to demand fair treatment from modeling agencies and clients.

Contact support@modelalliance.org for help or assistance.

Mentorship Program

The Model Alliance recognizes that the modeling industry can be tricky for new faces to navigate. To ensure that models always have somewhere to turn for advice and support, we developed the Model Alliance Mentorship Program.

Our Mentorship Program pairs established models with their agencies new faces. Models like talking to other models about the industry because they understand each other’s experiences better than anyone else. Model Alliance mentors have the framework and experience to be helpful and reliable resources.

The Model Alliance believes that agencies and models alike will benefit from this program. By offering less established models the counsel they deserve, agencies will be more attractive to models and parents who want a supportive outlet for for their children. Our program promotes communication between models, seeks to develop leadership skills in our members, aims to build confidence in less established models, and creates a sense of community among the models at each agency.

Child Model Legislation

We at the Model Alliance recognized that many models start their careers in their early teens, and because the laws governing the employment of child models were not widely enforced nor were they nearly as protective as the laws governing other child performers, we sought to have the law changed.  In June 2013, the New York State Senate and Assembly unanimously voted to pass legislation to amend the definition of “child performer” so as to include child models, and effective November 30, 2013, child models who live or work in New York State are now protected as child performers.  Read more about the requirements to employ child models here.

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