5 Questions for Model Alliance Members 

1. It's New York fashion week! Describe your typical day. 

My typical New York Fashion Week day is crazy! It’s filled with running around to castings, visiting clients, fittings, and shows, with almost no time for sleep, grabbing food properly, or social time. I usually have to wake up early, get ready fast and eat something for energy for the day, then go around all day non-stop on appointments. I try to make sure I eat healthy and get the right food to have enough energy. It’s also a fun time because I get to see everyone that I may not have seen for a long time. NYFW can be a mix of stress, but also excitement.


2. Who do you see as a role model in our industry, and why?

I have always looked up to the model Liya Kebede. I think she exemplifies a professional in our business. She is from Ethiopia and has done amazing work for the people of her home country. This has been an inspiration to me because I’ve always wanted to use my career to be able to do what she did. I had the opportunity to meet her and she was a very caring and warm person, exactly how I thought she would be.


3. Your best and worst fashion week moments?

I have had so many fashion week experiences it’s hard to remember all of them. But one of the best fashion week moments I had was the opportunity to open and close the show of Oscar de la Renta in my first season. This was amazing to me, because I did not know I would be the one to open and close the show, so it was a surprise. This was also amazing because he’s from my home country, Dominican Republic. One of my worst fashion week moments was when in Milan, Italy, when I was called negative racist names backstage at a show by people I was working with.


4. This summer the MA introduced legislation that would include fashion models under 18 in child performer regulations in New York. The bill passed unanimously and is awaiting the Governor’s signature. Do you support the legislation, and why? 

I absolutely support this legislation because I believe young models do deserve to have the same rights as child performers in other industries who receive these benefits. It is not fair to not include models when they are working as professionals, the same as actors for example.


5. Advice to fashion week rookies, and the best piece of advice you’ve ever gotten? 

My advice to a fashion week rookie is that this is a business, and should be taken as a business, not personally. Try to stay as even keeled as possible, not letting the high moments get you too excited and not letting the negative moments get you too down. And try to always just keep up positive energy and enjoy the ride.

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