1. It's New York fashion week! Describe your typical day.

A typical day during fashion week is hectic. Your agency sends you a schedule of several castings, fittings, and shows. It’s an emotional roller coaster as it is common to get cancelled for a show and confirmed for others. You can’t make plans because everything is last minute, and when you think it’s over you might get a call with more castings or fittings. It is very exhausting to run around the city with a 10 pound purse, changing into your heels 10 times a day, but it’s also a kind of fun because you run into familiar faces at each appointment. I met some of my best friends during fashion week!


2. Who do you see as a role model in our industry, and why?

Sara Ziff is a great role model, because she is making positive changes in the industry. I wish the Model Alliance was around when I started!


3. Your best and worst fashion week moments?

My best moment was when I found out I booked the Gucci exclusive my first season. My worst was when they cancelled me upon my arrival in Milan!


4. This summer the MA introduced legislation that would include fashion models under 18 in child performer regulations in New York. The bill passed unanimously and is awaiting the Governor’s signature. Do you support the legislation, and why?

Yes, I support the legislation for so many reasons. I think clients often forget how young the models they hire are, so they aren’t very sensitive to their needs. It’s not easy for young girls to speak up for themselves. The industry is not regulated at all, sometimes we have 15-hour work days, or are asked to do nude or partial nude pictures with no warning from our agents, and there aren’t enforced breaks. It’s hard enough for adults to handle these circumstances, imagine being 15 and dealing with it!


5. Advice to fashion week rookies, and the best piece of advice you’ve ever gotten?

The best advice I got was not to take things personally. We all experience rejection and the highs and lows. Fashion week is fleeting! You can have a good season, then not book anything the next season, or the other way around. It will all be okay in the end! Just remember that the fact you are participating is pretty special.

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