This happened 20 years ago – and Moss, of course, went on to have a phenomenally successful career, becoming one of the most powerful models, and remained close to Day.

Other models, though, say the industry is not much different now. "Nothing has really changed," says Victoria Keon-Cohen, a model and founding chair of Equity's Models' Committee, which now has around 800 members. "Until we started the union there wasn't any recognition of this kind of treatment in the industry. We wanted to help young models assert themselves and understand what rights they have. Unfortunately what Kate is talking about does still happen and has happened to me."

"It is not uncommon for models who are children to be asked to take nude or semi-nude photos," agrees Sara Ziff. "I started modelling at 14 and there were several occasions where I was put on the spot to take topless photos." Ziff founded the Model Alliance union in the US to set standards, and doesn't think "significant change is going to happen until there are laws that protect child models in the way other child performers are protected". In a previous interview, she described how, when a 16-year-old model complained that a 45-year-old photographer had propositioned her, "her agency said she should have slept with him".  Read more...

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