• Magda Laguinge, 19, who opened Marc Jacobs last season, says the most surprising thing about modeling as a job is "the backstage photographers. Maybe you just want to sit down, be quiet, and read a book, but they don't think about that. All the time they were like, 'Magda, we want your picture.' This was really surprising." For more about the Model Alliance's Backstage Privacy Policy, see here. [The Cut]
  • Nike has agreed to pay 4,500 Indonesian workers $1 million worth of back wages. The employees, who worked for one of the sports wear giant's suppliers, were forced to work unpaid overtime, and Nike has agreed to pay restitution. This settlement is virtually unprecedented, and labor unions are hopeful that it will set a precedent because labor abuses are common in Indonesia, where factory owners often force workers to work seven days a week for long shifts and rarely pay overtime. "Those who are most prone to overwork are laborers for branded merchandise, since they have to achieve certain targets," says one organizer. [Guardian]

One Response to New Faces Talk Backstage Photography and Privacy

  1. The fashion shows are a way of getting maximum press coverage at as lower cost as possible.
    Magda is paid to do the show.
    The backstage photography is one of the reasons for having a show.
    MAC makeup pay to do the makeup on the girls because of the exposure.
    As do Loreal etc.
    if they didnt Magda might not look quite as photogenic
    The main magazines have backstage photographers shooting the fashion because they think its more interesting than the catwalk.

    Maybe Magda should get her agent to negotiate a better deal for her if she feels so hard done by.
    I doubt her agent agrees with her view as to the worthlessness of what i do

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