• Despite what angry New England Patriots fans may think, it turns out Gisele Bundchen is in fact a team player. Last season at Givenchy, the mouthy Brazilian came to the aid of new face Lara Mullen. In a daily diary she's been keeping for the Telegraph, Mullen recalled, "As we are queuing to go out on the runway a strap on my shoe breaks and one of the other models (later identified to me as Gisele Bündchen!) saves the day by ordering the dressers to bring me a new pair." Luckily for the "church-going sixth former," a new pair of heels was immediately summoned from backstage. She has gone on to walk for Marc Jacobs, Topshop Unique and Prada this Fall 2012 season, all while juggling course work for her final year at college. [Telegraph]

• Mullen isn't the only lucky new face who got a helping hand from a veteran model. Suvi Koponen, who is enjoying a healthy comeback this season, and Daria Strokous, who made an important yet gruesome cameo in the film Contagion, gallantly stepped in to help Pauline Hoarau complete the finale at Anthony Vaccarello when Hoarau began to stumble and fall. Whether it was a fit problem or the hastily fastened strap of her Giuseppe Zanotti stiletto, it was clear Hoarau would not have been able to complete the show without sustaining serious injury. [NYMag, YouTube]

• As the debate rages on as to who really has the power to shift casting choices — agencies? designers? magazines? the general public? — a tenured voice rises above the din. Angus Munro has been a booker, a leading casting director and was at one point married to top model Trish Goff. He says he is "honestly somewhat baffled at the incredible girls that are overlooked by my peers in favour of what I see as really very ordinary and uninspiring faces." It is unclear whether Munro is speaking directly to a lack of ethnic diversity or to the generally formulaic nature of casting choices today. He does however make a point in saying, "The mechanics are the same obviously, but the importance of the casting director has grown exponentially...and that clearly demonstrates how my peers and I have become more integral to the process of showing (and therefore selling) a collection." [MDC]

One Response to Models Helping Models; Casting Directors Are Holding All the Cards

  1. Margie says:

    Maybe the designers should be present at the castings and choose the models they want to show off their outfits. Sometimes “favourites” or “well known” girls get first option and sometimes don’t even cast therefore not allowing the other girls a fair chance.

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