• Among the 50 models booked for the Marc Jacobs show this past New York fashion week were Ford models Ondria Hardin and Thairine Garcia. Booking Marc Jacobs or Marc by Marc Jacobs -- two of the more hotly anticipated shows of the season -- can secure a model's position throughout the industry as a face to watch. Although all of the Marc Jacobs models' identities were mostly obscured by enormous Jamiroquai-inspired hats, these two young ladies managed to stand out. Both Ms. Hardin and Ms. Garcia are under 16, the recommended age for participating in NYFW as of the latest health initiative guidelines issued by the Council of Fashion Designers of America. Upon being asked why he decided to cast underage girls in his show, Marc Jacobs declared, "Well, there are children actors and children models for catalogs and stuff so I guess if a parent thinks it's OK for a kid, and a kid wants to do it, that's fine." Sadly, child models lack the support of unions like SAG or AFTRA which have "strict rules that govern child actors' working hours and provisions for tutors during professional commitments," Model Alliance founder Sara Ziff reports. Young models are sometimes pressured to drop out of school only to be compensated in "trade," or free clothing, and often work well into the night, long after the child actors have gone to bed. [NYT, TimesCast, The Guardian]
  • Delightfully gender-irreverent model Andrej Pejic has scored the new Jean Paul Gaultier fragrance campaign. Andrej will be fronting the ad solo for a brand new scent called Kokorico. [The Fashion Spot]
  • Sports Illustrated covergirl Kate Upton has been making the press rounds and while some are happy to see a model who represents a more well-rounded archetype of womanhood, others are not as easily impressed. The "wholesomely proportioned" Upton shot to fame after taking an admirable stab at doing "the Dougie" during an LA Clippers game alongside fellow model Damaris Lewis. IMG head Ivan Bart admitted, “When Kate first came in, everyone at the agency thought I was crazy. She wasn’t ‘fashion’ enough.” [NYT]

4 Responses to Marc Jacobs Flouts CFDA Recommendation; Kate Upton Defies Critics; What Andrej Pejic Did Next

  1. Jamie Hankin says:

    It is incomprehensable that a public figure, a multi millionaire several times over and a CFDA board member is allowed to so callously flaunt multiple violations of child labor laws and get away scot free. His frivolous response to these allegations shows how low his respect for women in general and models in particular really is. I wouldn’t work for him or buy his products, and his corporate masters should be ashamed of him as well.

  2. MarieJane says:

    I apologize that comment was ment to be under the article you linked on Marc Jacobs and hiring 14year olds. Link I’ve attached below.


  3. MarieJane says:

    I would like to add to this informative discussion in saying that sadly those concerns about this model speaking out causing her to be black listed is a potential reality. This is exactly why models are silenced from speaking out, from protecting their basic rights to humane treatment. If you speak out you are considered difficult by your agency or other designers won’t want to risk working with you. this is also why under these circumstances models must “always be nice, energetic and positive”. I am greatful that this alliance shreds light and offers a voice for those too afraid to reach out.

    One more point I want to make is that sadly this working situation is actually considered “a privilege”. There are a thousand more models waiting to take her place of long hours and unpaid work for a chance to be in his show which often leads to more high end work opportunities that do pay well. Though I know many a case in which a girl has worked for free doing “looks” till gastly hours in the morning only to be CANCELLED from the show last minute. As mentioned not only is this situation emotionally and morally draining the girl has missed out on other castings, other runway or money opportunities. If a client doesn’t pay a model who does their “looks” they should be contracted to use her In the show. From what I’ve heard by other models Hailey was very lucky to have at least worked amongst “fun and nice” people. Who hopefully allowed her to eat, drink and use the toilet.

    Thank you Model Alliance for speaking out.

  4. cat says:

    doesn’t marc jacobs work closely with michelle lee for kcd? doesn’t michelle lee have some special relationship with one of the bookers at ford (who used to be at supreme)? isn’t ford that agency who doesn’t want to play with the cfda?
    the problems stem deeper than everyone thinks!

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