• On Tuesday, April 10th, at a New Yorkers For Children event, Crystal Renn explained that she dyed her hair blonde “because I think it’s the last thing people would expect me to do – which is exactly why I did it.” She also said that she has “projects in the works,” the implication being thanks to the new hair color. [Fashionista]


• French model Ophelie Rupp says she prefers doing a slew of shows – like she did this February – to doing an exclusive for one designer – like she did last season for Prada and Miu Miu: “I think it was easier to do all the shows than be put on an exclusive. When you’re doing the looks for a show, hours can get really long… standing in the same room all day for, like, two weeks.” [The Cut]


• Revenues at L’Oreal, with which multi-talented spokesmodel (and new Model Alliance advisory board member!) Milla Jovovich has had an exclusive contract since 1998, rose 9.4% to $7.39 billion during the first quarter. [WWD]


• On June 18, new FDA labeling laws governing sunscreen go into effect. From that date forward, in addition to displaying an SPF number, sunscreens will have to state whether they offer broad spectrum protection – protection from both UVA and UVB rays, both of which cause cancer – or not. Products that are not broad-spectrum, or that have SPFs below 14, will have to carry a warning that reads in part, “This product has been shown only to help prevent sunburn not skin cancer or early skin aging.” [WSJ]


• Brazilian model Marina Heiden is 18 and has already been working as a model for three years. She says her parents don’t approve of modeling. “They actually don’t like it so much. They sort of think it’s a waste of time. There are a lot of scams in Brazil, people who try to trick you and take all your money so they don’t trust it and we don’t talk about it a lot.” [WWD]


• Lindsey Wixson is now 18. Happy birthday! [Fashionologie]


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